Jamm handles VFX for <I>Sea of Thieves</I> launch campaign
May 1, 2018

Jamm handles VFX for Sea of Thieves launch campaign

LOS ANGELES — Visual effects studio Jamm assisted 215 McCann with the launch campaign for Sea of Theaves by weaving fantasy and reality together. Sea of Thieves is a new, shared-world adventure game developed by Rare for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Directed by Isaiah Seret of Biscuit Filmworks, the campaign features actor Sean Astin as the curator of the Museum of More Pirate. As a tour guide, he honors some of the most ridiculous deeds and unexpected accomplishments in this shared-world, where real players are enshrined as certified legends of a weird open sea. Eight unique videos bring different game elements to life online and in movie theaters.

Jamm worked closely with Seret, starting at the mood board and texture reference stages. Conversations early on dictated that they would take a light, barely detectable CG approach to the live action assets, merging the real and unreal in a seamless environment. VFX supervisors Andy Boyd and Jake Montgomery were at the shoot, and then led the Jamm team through all the 3D and compositing aspects of the project. All in-game assets were provided to Jamm, leaving them to enhance the resolution and integrate them cohesively into the live action environments.

Museum footage was shot at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown LA. Jamm handled room extensions, creating a larger-than-life feel by rebuilding the hall to appear even grander. The team added the large gold statue of Pikaaroon as well as the epic CG marble statue, providing intricate detail to the textures and finishes.

All the paintings featured throughout the museum represent still frames from the actual game, assets which Jamm composited through an oil painting process in post. Most notably, Jamm animated the slithering Kraken creature, which is the most feared enemy in the game. Other work included adding CG fish into the aquarium, as well as overall retouching of the environment and atmosphere.

Beast’s Connor McDonald edited the project and Dave Hussey of Company 3 served as colorist. Lime Studios’ Michael Anastasi provided sound design and Jeff Malen engineered the project.

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