Kiwa updates VoiceQ ADR software
October 3, 2018

Kiwa updates VoiceQ ADR software

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — Kiwa Digital has released a new version of its VoiceQ software, which is designed to automate dialogue replacement during audio post. The software takes the best of traditional processes, pulling proven rythmo band and looping techniques into the digital age. 

The new VoiceQ release has been named the Navigator Series, in homage to Kupe, the first Polynesian navigator to discover the islands of New Zealand 1,000 years ago. Kiwa Digital’s CEO Steven Renata is a 39th generation descendant of Kupe. 

“Our earliest navigators were famed for their expertise in navigating by the stars across vast oceans to reach new landfall“ says Renata, in launching the series. “The VoiceQ Navigator Series provides the tools a modern studio professional needs to navigate the challenges of producing high quality dialogue replacement to time and budget. Like GPS coordinates, the software’s set-up and visuals ensure you know you are in the right place, making complex processes easy. 
“It is a GPS solution for language service providers in a digital era.”

The new series builds on years of R&D, with more speed, greater accuracy, easier contributor collaboration, improved workflow efficiency and more workflow capacity. Using independent trials for ADR, dubbing, audio description and subtitling, across a range of projects, the VoiceQ technology has enabled a 75 percent reduction in script preparation time, a 40 percent reduction in studio time, precision accuracy and cost reductions.  

“We are seeing a period of rapid change and disruption, impacted by such trends as growth of a new breed of ‘dubbing connoisseurs,’ requirements for visual and hearing impaired content, growth of global collaborative teams, pressure on legacy systems, and quality demands from the likes of Netflix,” says Renata. “We are excited to offer our solution, the VoiceQ Navigator series. Inspired by our ancestors and delivering to modern needs”.

The software can be licensed via the company’s Website (