Megatrax improves search functionality; releases “Percussion For Commercials'
August 24, 2018

Megatrax improves search functionality; releases “Percussion For Commercials'

NORTH HOLLYWOOD — Megatrax ( has introduced a new search tool that makes finding tracks even easier than before. The “More Like This!” tool allows users to find additional tracks that sound similar to the one they’ve previously chosen. The tool can help narrow a search by pulling similar attributes from category and description fields.

“We are very pleased to add ‘More Like This’ functionality to our Website search system,” says Megatrax CEO, Ron Mendelsohn. “This important feature, developed in response to many client requests, will allow Megatrax users to save valuable time and fine-tune their searches in a way never before possible.” 

Megatrax has also introduced a new series titled “Percussion For Commercials.” The drum-driven series features variation of 24 tracks that range from electro drums and bongos to tribal rhythms and hand claps. Drummers Gregg Bissonette and Joey Peters both contributed to the series.

“Our music directors noticed that percussion beds are used increasingly in commercials, and we were starting to get more and more client requests for this,” explains Mendelsohn. “While we have done many percussion albums in the library, most of them are geared toward trailers. This is the first one geared towards commercials.”

In addition to percussion sounds from drum sets, hand drums and electronic drums, the series features ethnic percussion, claps, toms, sticks, snaps, bells, bongos and whistles. Several tracks include vocal effects, horns and synth colors to add variety to the palette.

Mendelsohn points to one of his favorite tracks in the series - “Nothing But Net” - a sports-oriented cue that features basketball dribbling, sneaker screeches, whistles and air horn blasts.

“If this album turns out to be a hit, then we will certainly do more,” he says. “It was a lot of fun to produce, and perhaps the first of its kind.”