CEntrance ships compact 24-bit field recorder
November 8, 2019

CEntrance ships compact 24-bit field recorder

CHICAGO — CEntrance (www.centrance.com) is now shipping the MixerFace R4B professional field recording solution. The mobile recording interface comes with a pair of PivotMics PM1 XY stereo microphones and a built-in 24-bit SD card recorder, creating a standalone, high-end recording device. 

The new MixerFace R4B retains all the features of parent MixerFace models, including a rechargeable battery, sturdy metal housing, broadcast-quality audio, and a tactile user interface. Combined, they create a mobile solution that’s well suited for a number of scenarios, including remote broadcasting, podcasting, interviews and live performance streaming.

MixerFace is versatile, portable audio tool. An internal, long-lasting rechargeable battery sets it apart from other portable audio interfaces. Two built-in high-quality mic preamps with true 48V phantom power let users choose their favorite microphones for recording, or can be used with the CEntrance PivotMics PM1. The Neutrik Combo input jacks with the Hi-Z feature allow plugging in electric guitars and basses, which also means that MixerFace R4 can double up a music practice tool, idea pad, or gig mixer. MixerFace R4B can turn a smartphone into a streaming device or portable DAW.

The microphones offer a flat frequency response, high SPL capability, and low noise, making them ideal for both spoken word and music recordings. The precision-made condenser capsules in the left and right microphones are each mounted at a 45-degree angle, forming a 90-degree XY stereo pair. Optionally, the microphones could be inserted into the opposite input channels, facing outwards and transforming MixerFace into an interactive field interview tool.

The built-in 24-bit/48kHz stereo SD card recorder offers one-button record and captures audio immediately, without waiting to connect a smartphone or tablet. It prints a safety copy of the mix and allows streaming audio via the phone while recording a local copy to the SD card.

The tripod-mountable device will also appeal to video bloggers and DSLR videographers. Paired with a smartphone or a video camera, the product increases audio quality over typical on-camera audio, dramatically improving production values of semi-professional video shoots.

The MixerFace R4B is available now at $499.99 USD. The CEntrance PivotMics are available separately at $179.99 for a pair.