Luma Touch releases updated iOS editing app
June 20, 2019

Luma Touch releases updated iOS editing app

SANDY, UT — Luma Touch ( has released a dramatically enhanced new version of its video editing application for iOS — LumaFusion. The iOS editing app is designed for mobile filmmakers, journalists, professional editors, YouTube creators and aspiring content producers.

With the latest announcement, LumaFusion introduces a host of new features, as well as a new user interface. The new release effectively doubles the number of audio/video tracks supported (to 12 tracks), with six video tracks supporting 4K video in realtime.

The new UI allows provides users with a clean overview of their timeline, as well as the ability to jump to any location in their edit with a single touch. New shuttle control has been added, allowing editors to press-and-hold the play button to scrub at different rates. Markers can now be added to clips and the timeline with comments. And the ability to connect to an external display lets users see their work on a large screen while freeing up their workspace for timeline and library views. There is also now support for Gnarbox 2.0 SSD, as well as improvements for supporting Gnarbox 1.0.

Those who purchase LumaFusion before June 27th will receive a 50 percent discounted price of $14.99.