Post Picks: Luma Touch 2.0, Frame IO Partnership - Honorable Mention
April 29, 2019

Post Picks: Luma Touch 2.0, Frame IO Partnership - Honorable Mention

Luma Touch ( was at NAB with a preview of new version of its video editing application for iOS. The company showed LumaFusion 2.0, which has expanded its range of professional features, yet is priced at just $19.99.

The upcoming version of LumaFusion has a redesigned user interface with new track headers for locking, hiding and muting all tracks. It also provides a timeline overview that allows users to jump to any edit with a single touch. The app also sees a track increase from six to 12 (six video/audio tracks and six additional audio tracks). Users can now view their workspace on an external display, giving them more room for their timeline and library.

At NAB, the company also announced an integration partnership with (, a leading collaborative review and approval platform. LumaFusion editors can now collaborate with media without leaving the LumaFusion timeline. Users no longer have to exit the LumaFusion timeline to review and respond to comments, mark in and out points in video sequences and share additional ideas with disparate teams and clients. All media appears in the LumaFusion library, and without the need to download media to an iOS device. As a result, editors can now edit together a scene, add comments and send it back to while only downloading the media needed directly to the device.

The integration will be available in LumaFusion 2.0, which is planned for release later this spring. It will be a free feature add-on for new and existing customers who have accounts.