Steinberg releases visually-driven audio tool SpectraLayers Pro 6
July 3, 2019

Steinberg releases visually-driven audio tool SpectraLayers Pro 6

HAMBURG, GERMANY — Steinberg ( has released SpectraLayers Pro 6, an audio editor that allows users to visualize audio in the spectral domain (2D and 3D) and manipulate spectral data. First distributed by Sony Creative Software and then by Magix Software, the developers behind SpectraLayers have now joined forces with Steinberg to release its sixth iteration.

With its 25 advanced tools, SpectraLayers Pro 6 provides precision-editing within the spectral domain, comparable with the editing capabilities applied in high-performance photo editing software. Version 6 offers an ARA plug-in that seamlessly integrates into every ARA 2 compatible DAW, such as Nuendo and Cubase, to be used as a native editor. Pro 6 now includes visible fade masks and allows users to select from the many available fade types. The program’s advanced selection engine now comprises nine revamped selection tools — including the new Transient Selector — making selections more flexible to use. The new Move tool helps users transform audio intuitively. Users can grab layers to activate and move or scale them. 

“This new version of SpectraLayers offers a refined and more intuitive user interface inspired by picture editors, and a brand-new selection system combining multiple fade masks, bringing spectral editing and remixing to a whole new level,” sasy Robin Lobel, creator of SpectraLayers. “We're also excited by the possibilities unlocked by the new ARA connection between SpectraLayers, Cubase and Nuendo, bringing spectral mixing and editing right within your DAW.” 

The user interface of SpectraLayers Pro 6 has completely been redesigned to build on the original use of image editing software, and the result is a powerful, intuitive program that feels familiar right away. The menus have been redesigned and the panels are collapsible. The layers panel is customizable and users can now refer to comprehensive tool tip documentation and a new user manual. Included in Version 6 are tools for restoration, spectral noise reduction and reverb removal.

The full retail version of SpectraLayers Pro 6 is available as download through the Steinberg online shop. Suggested retail price is $399.99.