The Colonie's design department continues to grow
July 16, 2019

The Colonie's design department continues to grow

CHICAGO — Designer/3D artist Ashley Lee has joined the growing motion-design department at full-service editorial studio The Colonie ( Her hiring follows a two-year stint at We Are Unlimited. She brings extensive experience in animating and crafting motion-design content that’s tailored to a variety of online platforms.
Lee comes onboard following the appointment of creative director Jennifer Moody, who joined the studio as head of its motion graphic design division. Motion graphics designer Jeff Borowiak also recently joined the team.

Guided by Moody, Lee created a social media package for Facebook, a multi-platform campaign for AT&T out of We Are Unlimited, and social media spots for Toyota Corolla and McDonald’s, both out of Burrell. She has also worked on projects for Nissan, Chilly Cow, Colgate and Estee Lauder, and led 3D work on a video for Havas. 
“Ashley's fresh aesthetic sensibilities, strong 2D and 3D animation skills, and collaborative spirit make her a great fit with our team,” says Moody. “Her experience and skill sets align with the expanding needs of the industry. It’s exciting to see our clients’ demand for innovative design across multiple platforms grow along with our well-rounded roster of artists.”

"The dramatic increase in the demand for digital ads and social media content shows no signs of slowing down,” adds executive producer/partner Mary Caddy. “Designing motion graphics as a component of a traditional broadcast spot requires very different skillsets than crafting design-driven visual stories tailored to the specific demographics and formats of a variety of platforms. The addition of Ashley further enhances our capabilities and the skills we bring to creating concepts and executing designs that continue to attract brands and agencies that rely on The Colonie to maximize the effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool.

While The Colonie’s roots are in creative editing, the studio has evolved into a full-service editorial, design, visual effects and finishing house. 

“I really enjoy working as part of a team of multi-disciplined talent under one roof,” says Lee. “The Colonie is an inspiring collaborative environment that gives me the opportunity to get a deep understanding of an editor’s creative vision during the conceptual stage of a project and follow a job right through delivery. As a designer, getting insights and feedback from a mix of perspectives is invaluable. Working here has been a great experience from day one.”