Framestore announces Launchpad Internship Competition
April 23, 2020

Framestore announces Launchpad Internship Competition

LONDON — With the COVID-19 pandemic shuttering VFX houses in favor of remote working, the Oscar-winning creative studio Framestore has launched a new competition for young talent in lieu of its longstanding internship program. The Launchpad Internship Competition calls on teams of budding VFX talent to craft an original :30 film in either full CG or using a combination of CG and live action. 

Working remotely, the chosen teams will have eight weeks to produce a concept, project plan and finished film, and receive online mentoring, advice and training from Framestore experts along the way. There will be a prize for the winning film, as well as the knowledge that recruiters will have participants’ contact info when a suitable opportunity arises. 

“This is an uncertain time for everyone working in VFX, and that goes for new grads and school leavers as much as seasoned professionals,” says Amy Smith, Framestore’s global head of talent, film. “Our Launchpad internship scheme is seen as an industry fixture and an important route into that vital first role, so we’re all hugely disappointed that it can’t take place as usual. Rather than close off an avenue to new and recent grads, we thought we’d try something different - a competition that helps engage and train the next generation of VFX talent, as well as get them on the Framestore radar.”

Tim Webber, Framestore’s chief creative officer, adds: “We all know how difficult it is to crack the VFX industry and get your foot in the door. While social distancing rules mean we’re unable to offer our usual deep-dive internship, this is the next best thing - the chance to get help, guidance and mentoring from the best in the business, and a rare opportunity to get your original ideas in front of some of the world’s most creative eyeballs.”  

The Launchpad Internship Competition is specifically aimed at recent VFX grads with little to no practical work experience within the industry. Applications are open now, and close on Friday, May 29th. Click here for an entry form.