LumaFusion now offers export-to-FCPX option
February 13, 2020

LumaFusion now offers export-to-FCPX option

SEATTLE — Luma Touch ( has announced support for XML export to Apple Final Cut Pro X (FCPX). With this new feature, LumaFusion for iOS significantly extends workflow options for LumaFusion editors, and will transform the workflow for the FCPX community of editors, artists and content creators who are looking to expand their desktop editing experience to the iPad. 

LumaFusion is an iOS editing app for mobile filmmakers, journalists, professional editors, YouTube creators and aspiring content producers. For editors familiar with FCPX, the new XML export feature will enable them to easily extend their LumaFusion timeline to continue editing on FCPX on the desktop. This is valuable to content creators who want the flexibility to edit from on-set/on-location, but also want the option to further develop their projects on the desktop using FCPX.

To export a timeline from LumaFusion to FCPX, users can simply tap the share/export menu and select “XML Project Package.” A streamlined menu enables editors to select a target location for media (e.g., AirDrop to a laptop or desktop). Users then select whether or not to include media in the project package, then tap “export.” A .zip file is packaged and sent to the destination of choice (laptop or desktop) and is ready to be opened directly in FCPX for additional editing.

The Export to FCPX feature is available as a one-time, in-app purchase, and as part of the LumaFusion 2.2 update. It is priced at $19.99. LumaFusion is available for download in the Apple App Store and is priced at $29.99.