Music Video: Best Ex — <I>On My Mind</I>
Marc Loftus
February 21, 2020

Music Video: Best Ex — On My Mind

BROOKLYN, NY — Indie/pop band Best Ex has released a new video for the track On My Mind, which is 
featured on their upcoming EP, "Good At Feeling Bad." The music video features singer Mariel Loveland as she travels through New York neighborhoods and subway stations, ultimately finding her way to Coney Island. No Sleep Records and Alcopop Records will release the EP on May 22nd.

According to Loveland, the EP captures the spectrum of loneliness and isolation that she was feeling at the time she wrote it. “My disillusionment with certain friendships and relationships…My disillusionment with our culture of social media and celebrity…My disillusionment with genuine, unconditional love."

On My Mind is the second single off the upcoming EP, following “Bad Love.” The new video was directed by Loveland, marking her foray into this type of production. 

“Basically, I wanted it to play off of [2017's] ‘See You Again,’ which is about the fuzzy, warm start of a relationship, and was also shot at Coney Island. This is about the end of that relationship.”

According to the singer/director, the video was shot using Sony A7 and A7iii cameras, and edited in Final Cut Pro by Brooklyn-based photographers/videographers Sarah Clare Simone and Natalie Sparaccio. The vocal track for the song was recorded in a kitchen, which Loveland credits for achieving the large sound.

“[It was] made in Logic X,” she recalls. “I tend to prefer it over ProTools because it’s easier to maneuver. Andy Tongren produced, mixed and mastered. He has co-writing credits on the song and came up with that brilliant synth hook.”