Music Video: La Doña - <i>Quién Me La Paga</i>
Marc Loftus
February 26, 2020

Music Video: La Doña - Quién Me La Paga

SAN FRANCISCO — La Doña recently released Quién Me La Paga, a new music video featuring singer, songwriter and multi-instramentalist Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea. Directed by Naomi Garcia Pasmanick, the Quién Me La Paga video is the second visual from La Doña's upcoming debut EP "Algo Nuevo" (following Le Lo Lai), which is due out on March 12th via Human Re-Sources. The new release finds her performing the track amongst loved ones at an intimate family gathering.

“Both La Doña and I love to host parties,” explains Pasmanick. “It was mid-December, my birthday was coming up, and we decided a few days before that it would be a great idea to host a music party with good food and drink - and film the good vibes while we were at it! We filmed it on December 29th, after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve, when everyone was in the mood to get together and have a great time.”

Director of photography Fabian Aguirre shot the project on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in the Blackmagic Raw format. “He wore it on a Steadicam so we could achieve a subtle and smooth movement that makes the viewer feel like they are part of the experience,” Pasmanick notes.

A Litegear LiteMat was used, along with practical lighting, to create soft glow in the pink music room. Footage was captured using low aperture Voigtlander Nokton lenses.

Everybody in the room is a meaningful character in La Doña's life, including her family, bandmates and long-time friends. Between takes the room would erupt into jam sessions, some of which can be heard in the introduction of the video. 

“I wanted to make sure to highlight the characters in the room as well as La Doña to give context to her rich musical background,” says Pasmanick, who edited the video in the style of a live performance using Adobe Premiere CC 2019. DP Fabián Aguirre performed the final color grade using Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 16.