Nice Shoes representing editor JK Carrington
February 11, 2020

Nice Shoes representing editor JK Carrington

NEW YORK CITY — Creative studio Nice Shoes ( has signed editor JK Carrington for representation as part of its recently-launched editorial division. Carrington boasts a diverse portfolio of editing and sound design work for brands and agencies. Her credits span the broadcast media, documentary and advertising industries, and her editing style openly syncs with audio, fusing the edit with a blend of sound, music and pacing. 

Carrington joins a roster that includes creative director of editorial Adam Liebowitz, who signed with the studio in January. Some of her more memorable credits include Katy Perry’s Killer Queen perfume, Walgreens, Always, Lil Yachty x Nautica, Nike, NFL and White House Black Market.

“When Nice Shoes first approached me for representation, I was immediately impressed by their business model,” she recalls. “It’s the first I’ve seen of its kind that aims to help self-made freelance creative editors such as myself by providing tools and support to not just survive, but thrive - without limiting where or how I can work. I appreciate the studio’s ability to pinpoint both where the industry is going and where it is right now, to create the best work for their clients.”

Growing up, Carrington was surrounded by art, learning to compose music on multiple instruments, and practicing her craft in sculpture, drawing, painting, and rudimentary video art. While obtaining her BA in Architecture, a professor observed that she had a natural inclination to “design in moments.” After graduation, Carrington worked as an assistant set designer on Broadway musicals, but realized a bigger passion for editing as her creative voice. She started from the ground up, at the time knowing no one in post production, and rapidly built a career over the years. Garnering experience at a wide range of post shops, she edited for among the most prestigious production companies, agencies and brands in advertising, before joining Nice Shoes for representation.