Speade editors join London's Stitch
February 18, 2020

Speade editors join London's Stitch

LONDON — Editing house Stitch (www.stitchediting.tv) has added editors Sam Sneade, Gareth McEwen, Sacha Szwarc, Carlos Font Clos, Rich Woolway and Sam Allen, along with executive producer Kirsty Oldfield, to its team. The additions come from edit house Speade, which has been in business for 25 years, working across feature films, commercial, shorts and music videos.   

Photo (L-R): Tim Hardy, Angela Hart, Sam Sneade, Kirsty Oldfield and Leo King

Sam Sneade, who has cut iconic ads for Guinness (Surfer) and Levis (Odyssey), decided to step away from running a business in order to concentrate fully on his craft. He knew that Stitch was the natural home.

“We started talking seriously some time ago and it was immediately apparent to all what an exciting proposition this would be as our thoughts and aspirations were so closely aligned,” he recalls. “To continue Speade’s bespoke traditions and maintain our guiding spirit, it simply had to be Stitch. If there were a better fit for Speade than Stitch, I couldn’t think of one. I have watched how Tim (Hardy) and Leo (King) have grown this remarkable roster over the years and, like us, they have kept creativity to the fore. It’s not an easy trick and to retain an essential humanity to the subsequent offering is very rare indeed.”

“We have admired the guys at Speade for a long time so [we] know they are experts in their craft and brilliant people. There’s no better combination,” add Hardy and King.