The A Team opens in Hollywood, FL
February 12, 2020

The A Team opens in Hollywood, FL

HOLLYWOOD, FL — Four award-winning creatives have come together to launch a new, full-scale agency serving television networks, streamers and consumer brands. The A Team: a creative (co)lab brings together Nikki Coloma-Blaszyk, Ben Frank, Marni Wagner and Luis Martinez, who share a commitment to delivering excellence in equal parts: creative and process. 
Photo (L-R): The A Team’s Ben Frank, Nikki Coloma-Blaszyk, Marni Wagner and Luis Martinez

The foundation for the new endeavor is rooted in their motto: “Here, there is no B team.” From concept to completion, the agency’s clients will work with the top-level team of creatives in order to produce premium work and ensure the entire client experience is unparalleled.
“While many agencies are capable of producing great work, we recognized an opportunity in our industry to improve the process for clients…making it more simple and streamlined,” explains Coloma-Blaszyk. “So we’ve developed a way to allow the entire client/agency dynamic to be a true collaboration and we’re extremely excited to share it with our clients.”
These four partners previously worked together for over a decade at 2C Creative, where the team earned industry accolades from Clio, Promax and other organizations for their projects serving such clients as Hulu, CNN, ABC, NatGeo and the NFL Network, among many others.
"One of the most rewarding things in my career is seeing people who've worked for me flourish,” says 2C Creative owner/president Chris Sloan. “Nikki, Ben, Marni and Luis have always done incredible work, so I know they'll be successful. I look forward to watching them grow and will be cheering them on along the way.”
Coloma-Blaszyk draws on her extensive background in operations to lead the business enterprise, while Frank, Wagner and Martinez lead the creative side of their company . 
The A Team ( offers editorial, live-action and design-based services for promotional campaigns.