September 12, 2005


Ciprico's new MediaVault 4110

AMSTERDAM - Storage provider Ciprico (wwwciprico.com) is debuting two products at IBC 2005 that enhance workflow productivity in formats ranging from from DV to 4K film. Ciprico DiMeda NAS systems are specifically designed to provide multi-stream networked storage capabilities to media pros. The company's DiMeda 1700 and 1724 models are used widely within DV-based content creation and delivery areas. With sustained performance of 300 MB/second and 12 TB of raw storage capacity, the new Ciprico DiMeda 10G builds on the success of the DiMeda 1700 and 1724, supporting DV, SD, and lower resolution HD nonlinear video applications.

The DiMeda 10G is one of the first NAS devices to feature a 10-Gigabit Ethernet connection, providing easy integration into existing Ethernet networks. DiMeda supports centralized file sharing between Windows, Mac, and UNIX users, using standard network protocols that allow multiple users to simultaneously capture, process, and share rich media files between workstations, servers, backup, and archival systems.

The MediaVault line consists of the popular U320 SCSI arrays, used in prosumer and boutique video areas, and the 4Gb Fibre Channel array that delivers the reliable performance needed for today's most demanding post production and digital intermediate applications. All MediaVault arrays are compatible with Mac, Windows, Unix, and Linux platforms, as well as major brands of video editing software.

The new MediaVault 4110 debuts at IBC. The compact array combines the latest 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel interface technology with cost-effective ATA drives, providing up to 4TB in a thin 1U rack mount enclosure. A single 4110 is capable of recording and playing back multiple streams of uncompressed SD and HD. Two 4110s striped together can sustain throughput of almost 600 MB/second - enough for dual stream HD. Multiple 4110s striped together can record and play back 4K uncompressed film. For exapmple, six units striped together provide greater bandwidth than the 1.2GB/s needed for 4K, and would be priced under $40K.