September 11, 2010

Bluefish444 relies on Globalstor system for stereo 3D demo

AMSTERDAM - Globalstor Data Corporation’s ( ExtremeStor-DI video storage and playback system is being used to power Bluefish444’s ( new Symmetry 3.9.2 software-based 3D playback demonstration. The demo features a multi-stream stereoscopic 3D workflow using Bluefish444’s upgraded Symmetry software and Epoch/2K Ultra video card, Adobe Creative Suite 5 and Globalstor’s ExtremeStor-DI 10-drive tower with dual i7 5580 processors.

As Bluefish444’s DI acquisition, review and playback software for Windows, Symmetry takes advantage of the multichannel I/O functionality within Epoch to capture, store and preview independent 422/444 SDI streams as left eye and right eye. Bluefish444 will deploy the latest generation of Globalstor’s 10-drive ExtremeStor-DI tower for data capture, processing and realtime playback of high-resolution video processed by the Epoch/2K Ultra dual link and multichannel video card.

The latest generation of the ExtremeStor-DI workstation offers native, uncompressed 4K, stereoscopic 2K and R3D resolution playback in a single solution, either in a rack-mount or tower configuration, along with 10 PCI Express (PCI-E) card slots. The base model capacity starts at just under 2.5TBs and units can scale up to 72TBs in a 6U rackmount. Pricing starts at $16,500.

“Globalstor’s ExtremeStor-DI system is the perfect hardware component for this demonstration because of its ability to handle stereoscopic 3D preview and other high-resolution content,” says Craige Mott, managing director of Bluefish444. “This demo will bring to life our newest multi-stream stereoscopic 3D workflow capabilities alongside Globalstor’s ExtremeStor–DI in as close to a ‘real-world’ situation as possible."