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Hamlet shows KromaScope color processor & legalizer

September 12, 2010
Hamlet shows KromaScope color processor & legalizer AMSTERDAM – Test and measurement equipment manufacturer Hamlet ( is at IBC with KromaScope, a new, full feature color processor and legalizer. KromaScope is capable of processing standard and high-definition video, including 3Gb/s signals for 1080p HD. It provides full color legalizing on any format, with individual controls when used as a color correcting process amplifier.

User controls include separate adjustment of Y, U and V gain, and of U and V pedestal and limiting, as well as adjustment of Y delay to maintain correct timing. There is adjustment of black, luma and chroma levels, and the ability to crop the picture. Three buffered outputs are provided, with bypass in the event of power failure.

The compact device is available in a half width 1U form factor, making it a suitable companion for use with the company’s DS900 compact DigiScope waveform, vector and audio monitor.