September 12, 2010

SGL supporting latest LTO products

AMSTERDAM - Software Generation Ltd (, a provider of content archive and storage management software, is showing support for the latest evolution of the LTO (Linear-Tape Open) Program, LTO Ultrium5 tape drives and libraries.

Offering a native uncompressed storage capacity of 1.5TB on each tape cartridge, a single LTO-5 tape can store approximately 28 hours of 120Mbs HD material with transfer rates up to 140MBs. LTO-5 drives are designed with backwards-compatible read-and-write capability with LTO-4 cartridges, and backward read capabilities with LTO-3 cartridges, helping to protect investments.

The LTO Program was formed in 1997 and three companies — HP, IBM and Quantum — jointly oversee the development and roadmap of LTO technology.

At IBC, SGL is also showing updates to its Final Cut Server integration. Final Cut Server, Apple’s media asset management solution for Final Cut Pro, provides a proxy-based workflow for increased flexibility. With SGL’s FlashNet archive solution added to the Final Cut Server environment, post facilities can improve workflows by managing the available free space on shared storage that is traditionally reserved for work in progress.

SGL’s new FlashNet FCS integration enables a more streamlined relationship between the archive and online storage, facilitating cleaner workflows. FlashNet allow users to copy content to the archive from the online shared storage (or workstation) directly from the FCS UI (and vice versa). Final Cut users can choose to store material online and in the archive, or remove online material to free up online disk space while retaining archive copies.