September 11, 2010

YoYotta enhances workflow management system

AMSTERDAM - YoYotta ( introduced the new version of its YoYo post production workflow management system at IBC 2010. Originally designed as a conform I/O interface for Pandora color correctors, the YoYo V.3 software suite offers a comprehensive and cost-effective toolset for managing post workflows. Facilities using YoYo can ingest, transcode, conform and output most standard video- or data-based file formats, freeing up suites for creative work.

New features in V.3 include encoding and decoding of MXF files, easing preparation of offline and online material for Avid editing systems; integration with file-based image processors from Cintel; control of Spirit DataCine via an onscreen GUI or a wireless iPad application; and audio support for WAV, BWAV, AAC, AIFF and MP3 files. Also enhanced is the creation of logos and graphics for dailies material.

YoYo is comprised of three core applications: YoProject, YoCapture and YoSource. YoProject manages file-based data. YoCapture allows users to ingest video sources, and YoSource is designed for conforming and outputting video masters.

For commercial studios, YoYo is well suited for conforming and outputting deliverables, freeing up the color suite for creative work. In television, the system can be used to ingest and prep video source material for editorial. And in the film world, YoYo can be deployed as a cost-effective system to manage a dailies workflow or restoration projects.

In addition to its high-speed transcoding capabilities, YoYo offers primary color correction and color management. The system can process virtually any file or video format into a single master and play out to disk or tape. Stereo deliverables can also be created in various 3D formats.