Issue: Animation - Jun 16, 2003


HOLLYWOOD - yU + Co. ( lures audiences into the dark, daring world of international thievery with its title design for the feature "The Italian Job."

The four-minute title sequence shows glimpses of drawings and slowly reveals that the drawings are blueprints of buildings with clues of criminal intent in handwritten phrases like "Garbage men in position at 8:30 a.m." and "Enter here." These clues, though not immediately significant to the viewer, lay the groundwork for the ensuing film with subtle hints about what the thieves plan to steal, where from, how they'll get in and escape and what diversions they're planning.

yU produced all the blueprints and other elements and shot them. The images of the actors were provided to them by the film's production. The titles were created within Avid Symphony, which was also used to edit the title sequence. Apple's Shake was used to composite. Credits go to visual director Garson Yu, designer Martin Surya, editor Emmy Leung and producer Jennifer Fong.