Issue: Animation - May 30, 2003


LONDON - Curious Software ( released Curious GFX at NAB, an integrated paint, rotoscoping and compositing tool for SD and HD video and film.

GFX has a rich feature set and powerful platform for graphics and visual effects allowing for roto-matting, wire removal, retouching, compositing and image processing, all supporting 16-bit component image depth.

Roto-mattes are created with multilayer shape-based rotoscoping using polygon and B-splines with individual keyframing control over every point of every shape. Motion blur can be applied automatically or edge blurs can be added manually for every point.

Paint and retouch function includes a wide set of brushes and a brush editor for creating user-defined brushes. Working with resolutions up to 6K, artists can create multilayer matte paintings or image sequences, blend CG and live action elements, apply filters, color corrections and procedural effects.