Issue: Editing - Jul 21, 2003


SANTA BARBARA, CA - Editors working in the DV format can now easily download royalty-free imagery for preview or production purposes. recently launched offering high-quality, downloadable, royalty-free DV stock footage over the Web. Visitors to the site can search, store and download selections from thousands of clips. All DVArchive clips are offered as uncompressed QuickTime DV files allowing editors to download clips and integrate them directly into most DV-based (720x480 and 720x576) nonlinear editors' timelines without rendering.

"The DV producer has been largely overlooked in the stock footage world," says DVArchive president Rick Ray, who formerly served as president of the Wish You Were Here stock footage library in Burbank. "[They have] traditionally been focused on the high-end commercial client. Right now, if you want to buy a single royalty-free shot, you usually have to buy a complete disc at a price of $400 to $500. At DVArchive, you choose exactly the clips you want, download them in minutes."

Users can download a free low-resolution (250x188), watermarked version of a clip to see how it integrates into an edited program and then return to download the high-resolution version at a later time. Clients can store their favorite clips in bins, and registered users can regularly return to the site to add more materials to their bins and perform new searches.

Clips are priced between $50 and $199 per individual download, with the majority in the price range of $85 to $99. Each clips varies in length between eight and 25 seconds. All clips at DVArchive are offered in both PAL and NTSC formats. The collection includes subjects such as environment, medicine, lifestyle and backgrounds.