Issue: Editing - Jul 21, 2003


SANTA MONICA - FilmCore's David Checel edited a new campaign for Callaway Golf featuring some of the most recognized players in the game. Conceived by Dailey & Associates, Los Angeles, the five :30 spots are part of Callaway's "Great Shots" campaign. Golfing legends such as Arnold Palmer and Gary Player join young tour stars in describing what "great shots" mean to them.

In a spot centering on Annika Sorenstam, a graphic appears reading "Great shots mean you can play with the boys." Promoting Callaway's Great Big Bertha II Titanium Driver and Fairway Woods, the spots aim to draw a connection between the pros and weekend golfers who can also experience the thrill of hitting a great shot.

The commercials were shot in a documentary style, with the film crew recording candid images of the golfers as they played a rugged desert golf course over five days. This resulted in more than 100,000 feet of 35mm film - or more than 18 hours of footage - from which Checel was given the job of crafting five spots. "The spots really took shape in the editing bay," says Dailey & Associates creative director Jeff Repetto. "David was critical to giving the campaign its look and feel. He is very good at taking the footage, finding the thread and making it hold together."

Checel combed through a ton of material, culling moments that captured the personalities of the golfers and their love for the game. "A lot of golf spots rely on drama, using acute angles and quick cuts, but these spots take a simpler and more real approach," explains Checel. "They focus on the fun of golf."

While retaining the feel of a campaign, each spot also has its own character, and that is in part due to the distinctly different musical score featured in each. "We were trying to create an emotional campaign that touches golfers," explains Repetto. "One way we thought we could do that was through music, but we didn't want the same tonalities [for] every spot. David is good at cutting to different styles of music and exploiting the editorial possibilities they present." Post production spanned several weeks as Checel, working on an Avid Media Composer 9000 XL, V.11.8, fine tuned each cut and tried alternate variations. "It was a very challenging project because there was so much footage," notes Checel. "You could have cut each spot a hundred different ways. But it paid off."

Ramaa Mosley of Park Pictures directed the campaign; Elais Arts produced the music with Christopher Kemp composing for the "Anthem," "Pro" and "Steelhead X-16" spots. David Wittman composed the music for "Annika" and Jimmy Haun for "Pro Talking." Jimmy Hite of Margarita Mix engineered the mix. Beau Leon of The Syndicate was the colorist on the campaign, which was finished by Henry artist Jerry Steele of Steele VFX.