Issue: Editing - May 23, 2003


SANTA MONICA - Goodspot (, here, recently conceived, wrote, edited, designed, animated and sound designed a :30 spot that promotes Superstation WGN's Major League Baseball coverage, The customizable spot will air in early July.

WGN provided senior editor Luis Martos with stock footage and a musical selection from the VideoHelper library. He then created an edit within Avid Media Composer that showcased players in a fast-paced flow that touched on all aspects of the baseball. From there, a design team, led by animator Bobby Hougham found the "perfect Americana" look via Adobe After Effects.

Goodspot received very specific creative direction for the project from WGN's director of creative services, Michael Brouder, who wanted to get the word out that WGN isn't just about Chicago Cubs coverage. He says he wanted "to create a broader national appeal for our baseball franchise that showed the many teams that play on the Superstation."

After creating type, the design team - specifically designer Sevrin Henderson and type animator Alan Llave - photocopied it to introduce noise. The type elements and the stock footage were then processed with a series of After Effects filter plug-ins, including Scatter, Equalizer, Mesh, Warp, Blur, Freckle and Wiggle. Although the team's methodology in creating the treatment was proprietary, they saved it as an After Effects "Look" and provided that to WGN along with the other project deliverables.

Also contributing to the spot were creative director Sonia Lamba, executive producer Many Martin and senior writer/producer Gunther Sonnenfeld.