Issue: Editing - May 23, 2003


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Pinnacle Systems ( is now offering CineWave 4, a hardware and software combination that works with Apple's recently introduced Final Cut Pro 4.

The integration between CinéWave 4 and Final Cut Pro 4 delivers of a broad range of new realtime, online and offline editing features. When coupled with the new FCP V.4, CineWave delivers new realtime video and audio capabilities for both standard definition and high definition projects. CinéWave V.4 incorporates dozens of new features including expanded realtime effects in all popular formats, enhanced HD support, film support, and increased audio handling capabilities.

Other features include support for realtime capture from both SD and HD sources at industry leading frame rates (23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30) into popular high quality offline formats PhotoJPEG (4:3 and 16:9) and DV (4:3 and 16:9) as well as CinéOffline; support for realtime effects for DV, PhotoJPEG, 8, 10 and 16-bit uncompressed sources in the same timeline while maintaining video out; realtime keyframeable time remap for slow motion and fast motion effects; keyframeable realtime embedded moving alpha; complimentary support for Final Cut Pro 4's new multi-stream real-time effects; new high-precision 32-bit floating-point rendering with Final Cut Pro 4's HDR Image Processing; realtime reverse telecine from 30 or 29.97 FPS video on capture to 24 and 23.976 FPS footage in both HD and SD formats to compliment existing real-time pull-down that restores 30 and 29.97 FPS output for tape; support for realtime effects in 24 (or 23.976) FPS standard definition; realtime HD (16:9) Pan and Scan downconvert with keyframeable controls to uncompressed SD (4:3) with simultaneous live SD and HD outputs; support for up to eight tracks of audio out with Final Cut Pro V.4; support for Steinberg Nuendo; and TARGA Ciné Codec for PC platforms.

CinéWave has a suggested retail price of US $3,995. CinéWave V.4 upgrades will be available in Summer 2003 for US $299 suggested retail price.