Issue: Editing - May 23, 2003


VENICE - VENICE - Jeff Selis of The Cutting Room ( recently edited Zima's "Six" spot via agency Foote Cone & Belding/San Francisco. The musically-driven commercial details six steps to a great night out for a group of guys.

The guys show up at their friend's apartment at the beginning of the night. The first step, fittingly, is to drink a few Zimas. The guys eat takeout and play video games before calling a few women and leaving to go dancing at the club. Selis cut the spot in Avid Meridian.

Chris Robinson of Partizan directed the spot; visual effects were a collaborative effort by Diesel, Barbed Wire and The Cutting Room; Brand New School did the graphics; Jais Lamaire of Bobine was the colorist; Rashadd Smith and JK of JSM Music West composed the music; abd Jeff Levy of Margarita Mix designed the sound and mixed the spot.