Issue: Editing - Oct 30, 2003


NEW YORK - Bruce Ashkinos, editor at boutique Slingshot (, recently completed work on the launch spot for communications company Vonage through Gardger Nelson & Partners. "The Movement" was cut in two-minute, one-minute and :30 versions, and features a diverse range of customers asking viewers to join "the movement" of the quickly-growing phone company.

Matthew Bonifacio from The Brooklyn-Queens Experiment directed the project, focusing on the philosophy of the phone company which offers unlimited long distance, local calling and calls to Canada for just $34.99 a month.

According to editor Ashkinos, he was presented with more than 17 hours of mini DV footage that needed to be edited into the three commercials in just a week's time. Working with an Avid XL1000, he was able to quickly go through the selects and get a good feel for the actors' performances.

Adobe After Effects was used to give the footage a contrasty film look. Discreet Flame was used to remove signs and other elements from the digital video footage.

Big Foote Music provided the original track for the national campaign. Audio post was handled at Frank Verderosa at Planet V in NYC.