Issue: Editing - Sep 26, 2003


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Incite Multimedia Corporation's release of the new Incite Editor 3.1 promises "a host of new workflow enhancements and features," including the uniting of nonlinear editing, background task management, and network-based media management within a single interface.

The aim of Incite Editor 3.1 ( is to streamline workflow while adding increased functionality. The company's designers focused on interface design, templating and extending distributive interactivity among Incite Editor's modular components such as its Media Manager and built-in Task Server Technology Q10 for background rendering and task management. The NLE runs on Matrox DigiSuite and comes bundled with Boris FX.

Some of the more important new features in 3.1 include: new commands and easy to use tools for rendering and batch render management; background rendered, keyframeable transitions (in addition to Incite's realtime transitions); greater interactivity between Incite project configuration (IPC) utility and the Incite media manager. IPC provides management over all project assets, including the way assets are stored and ordered on local or network drives.