Issue: Editing - Sep 26, 2003


SAN FRANCISCO - Red Giant Software is making a limited version of its Magic Bullet Movie Looks ( plug-in available to Adobe Premiere Pro users when they register their software. Included are 10 custom-designed presets that allow Premiere editors to easily give their video footage the look of film.

Inspired by many popular movies, Movie Looks alters the shading, contrast and tints of scenes to resemble the rich look of film. Users can choose any one of the installed presets from a pop-up menu to add glow, make a scene more distant or inviting, or apply tints to make their projects stand out.

The Movie Looks products are based on the After Effects plug-in Magic Bullet Suite, which has been used on a number of feature films. Users who would like to add 40 more presets to their collection can expand their capabilities by purchasing the Magic Bullet Movie Looks Library upgrade for $49.

Both Movie Looks the Movie Looks Library support Premiere Pro running on Windows XP.