Issue: HD - Aug 29, 2003


LOS ANGELES - Rental company Future Medium ( is now offering Discreet's full-line of products running on SGI platforms, including its HD gear. The offerings include Discreet's Inferno, Flame, Fire, Smoke, Flame HD and Inferno HD, along with Panasonic D-5 3700As and Sony HDCAM. Discreet's Fibre Channel Stone storage is also available.

Future Medium opened its doors earlier this year in response to the economic difficulties faced by post facilities. Many are taking extra caution when considering the acquisition of new gear. Making it available on a rental basis helps to relieve some of the stress by allowing studios to try equipment first, or to use it on an as-needed basis. Smaller companies can also now target high-end accounts, knowing that the appropriate gear to handle the job is available to them.

"We get some interesting reactions when informing people that we rent Inferno V.5 rack mount, running on Onyx 2 with Sparks plug-ins, 3GBs of RAM, etc," says director of marketing and sales Alex Guerra.

Future Medium can provide support for the Discreet rentals as company CEO/president Sarote Tabcum, Jr., and his team are Discreet-trained engineers.