Issue: HD - Jul 21, 2003


BOCA RATON, FL - Battle Medialab ( provided mobile HD post services for Orlando-based FrontRunner Productions' latest music video for Stevie Brock.

The music video was shot in 30p HD with the Sony CineAlta F900 camera, downconverted and offlined in an Avid Media Composer and, using the Avid Media Logger, converted into Battle's Avid|DS-HD on location for online. In addition, numerous effects and edits were rebuilt from the offline to make them more suitable for the HD environment.

The 'big red box,' as its been coined by Battle clients, is the flight case that is the heart of Battle's mobile post solution, containing an Avid|DS HD 6.02 with a Sony HDW-2000 deck and 1.2TB of storage space.

Battle's mobile HD solution was launched several months ago and has been well received for the time and budget savings it lends to productions. Much of the HD post market in Florida is currently features, music videos and live events, and the convenience of having HD post on location can save money by taking care of any production issues or making changes immediately on set.