Issue: HD - Jul 21, 2003


ARLINGTON, VA - The 42-year-old motion picture processing lab and post production facility Bono Film & Video ( recently opened a new HD telecine suite offering film-to-HD D-5 transfers from 35mm, Super 16mm, 16mm, Super 8mm and 8mm.

As an approved vendor for the National Archives, national and international clients will now have the capability to tap the extensive holdings of the NARA collection for their HD productions. Bono will be using a Cineglyph HD Telecine from Digital Audio & Video to transfer material.

With the built-in advantages of advanced flying spot scanner technology, full color bandwidth RGB scanning and features such as DAV's digital deflection system, Brite Eyes, and film grain remover, the Cineglyph allows Bono to deliver transfers that maximize the potential of the source film image. CineGlyph supports all current HD and SD formats, and has a new computer control system consisting of a touch screen on a large color flat panel display for local control. A 10/100 Mb Ethernet interface is available for remote control. The Cineglyph can also be upgraded with custom configurations to transfer 70/65mm film. The Panasonic AJ-HD3700A mastering VTR permits multiple format recording and downconversions to NTSC.