Issue: HD - Jul 21, 2003


SECAUCUS, NJ - Workshop coordinators at HD Expo ( plan on offering a series of three-day workshops, focusing on Panasonic's AJ-HDC27 VariCam variable frame rate HD cinema camera.

The three-day "VariCamp" workshops began this month, starting with sessions in Los Angeles. The workshops will also take place in Chicago, August 21-23; Washington D.C., October 2-4; and in New York City, October 16-18 before returning to LA for a second series, January 22-24, 2004.

The VariCamp workshops and panels are designed to educate the production and post community by providing in-depth instruction on VariCam's feature/benefits and proper shooting techniques. Workshops will be taught by leading cinematographers, who've used the camera on feature, television, commercials and corporate productions.

Past panelists have included director/producer Phil Kaufman and camera operator/engineer Keith J. Duggan ("Living in Walter's World"), director Melissa Balin and DP Joe DiGennaro ("QIK 2 JDG"), and DP Jay Holben and producer Michael Spenelli ("Quest for the Holy Porcelain").

The workshops will provide both classroom instruction and hands-on, one-on-one training on VariCam in working studio and field production environments.