Issue: HD - Jun 16, 2003


ORLANDO - JVC ( has begun shipping its JY-HD10U, an affordable, compact and lightweight HD camera. The release is part of a larger JVC initiative termed "HD for the Masses," which aims to bring professional-level HD shooting, editing, recording and playback to a wider range of customers.

The JY-HD10U and accompanying NLE software work together with the JVC professional HD D-VHS system and JVC's HDTV display products, making it possible for producers to efficiently create and distribute programming in HD. Users of high-end HD systems can also economically distribute programming using the Pro-HD D-VHS system, which maintains the quality of the original master tapes. Using the JVC upconverter, even material acquired in SD can benefit from HD display.

The JY-HD10U can record in both HD and SD in three resolution modes: 720/30p HD and SD at 480/60p or 480/60i, all recording on a mini-DV tape. The two progressive modes use the native 16:9 from the CCD with MPEG-2 compression.

Additional features include an optical image stabilizer, an optional solid state memory capture card for still photo capture and a IEEE1394 bus interface for easy connection to D-VHS or a PC.