Issue: HD - Jun 16, 2003


BOSTON - Post facility National Boston ( has been much in demand lately for a variety of HD projects, including broadcast television, but also large screen projection shows. They recently posted a minute-long exhibition film for GM's new Hummer, via Panache Editorial and ad agency Modernista.

Panache Editorial and Modernista! handled National shots of the vehicle driving in the desert, and colorist Rob Leaton transferred the original 35mm negativeon Thompson Shadow HD. This HD transfer master then traveled down the hall to Ken Michael's HD Smoke suite where all the fine color tuning and window effects were performed online. The finished HD project will be screened at Disney's EPCOT Center, part of GM's ongoing Test Track exhibit.

National Boston recently enhanced its HD capabilities with the purchase of a new Thomson Shadow HD telecine and the installation of HD capable editing suites including Discreet's Smoke and Flame. National notes that the Shadow's CCD technology, Zeiss lenses and pure halogen illumination ensure a precise transition from film to HD video with maximum resolution. Multiple, moving windows and special color effects will be performed in HD-capable software boxes such as Discreet's new Lustre or Smoke and Flame.