Issue: HD - Sep 29, 2003


NEW YORK - Click 3X ( recently completed work on a branding package being used in the launch of INHD and INHD-2, two new 24-hour high definition channels from iN Demand that launched on digital cable on September 15. The package includes 50 elements designed to establish the networks' brand as well as emphasize the high definition viewing experience.

Click 3X creative director Iain Greenway and designer/director Christine Lin conceived the project, emphasizing the HD format's 16:9 frame, its ability to show extreme detail and panoramas and the theatrical-quality sound it delivers.

A core element of the branding package is the INHD logo, a fan-like series of rectangular glass panels of varying blue hues designed by David Brubaker of Ignition Design. Click 3X creatives elaborated on the core logo design, developing a color system that enables genre specific packaging. The logo is a key element in Click 3X's broadcast work where it appears in many different guises, often turning up in surprising or humorous ways.

"Part of our concern was in coming up with the right quality for the glass. It had to appear real, yet have a proprietary feel," notes Lin. "It had to be glass, not plastic and not simply a graphic form. It had to be refined, elegant and infused with color."

Creative elements in the package include image spots, IDs, opens, interstitials and logo animations, as well as an extensive graphics toolkit that included lower thirds, backgrounds, video windows, transitions and a style guide. Click 3X also produced a four-minute promotional teaser, aired by iN Demand in advance of the INHD launch.

Live action for the project was shot in HD using by Hoboken, NJ's Arf & Co. using a Sony camera. The five-day shoot included one day on location and four days on Arf's effects stage. Slow-motion footage was shot on 35mm film.

Click 3X used Discreet Flame for compositing elements at 2K resolution. The package's 5.1 surround sound audio was created by Marshall Grupp Sound Design, Sound Lounge and composer Gerry Mosby for Steam Music.