Issue: HD - Sep 29, 2003


RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO - At the IBC show earlier this month, Digital Rapids ( introduced CarbonHD, a capture and playback solution for the automated capture, playback, encoding and transcoding of live high definition and standard definition video and files formats. The CarbonHD platform will power the next generation of Digital Rapids products, which are due out in 2004.

CarbonHD is a "format agile" hardware capture and playback solution that can capture any format of video delivered over SDI in either 8- or 10-bit formats. Format agility allows CarbonHD to capture or playback video in any format in realtime, meaning high definition video can be captured as standard definition video or as a different high definition video format. Conversely, any file that has been stored to disk can be played back at another other resolution or format. Live, high quality format conversion can be performed on any format of resolution of video.

CarbonHD hardware also features onboard JPEG2000 wavelet- based hardware compression, allowing it to capture video in uncompressed, lossless or lossy formats, reducing storage needs and system requirements.

The software is a native Microsoft Windows XP-based application and features deck control, deck emulation, automated capture and transcoding of video into compressed formats such as Windows Media 9 Series and MPEG, as well as an automated delivery system that can distribute video and audio data to remote sites via ftp.