Issue: HD - Sep 29, 2003


Zacuto-Rentals - Everything HD. All budgets.

Zacuto-Rentals  Everything HD.  All budgets.  Sony & Panasonic HD recorders, New D5 HD recorder &  HD camera package rentals including:  Panasonic AJ-HDC27f Varicam with Canon ENG, prime or cinema lenses, 3-stage matte box w/16 filters, double sided follow focus, on-board monitors, extender viewfinder, AJA down-converters, Microforce and much more.  Three complete HD camera packages:  ENG HD  Docu HD  CINE HD   Other equipment includes:  Sony & Panasonic HD monitors, Panasonic AJ-FRC27 Frame Rate Converter, Sony HDW-F500 recorder, Panasonic HD-130 portable recorder delivered to your door.  Our newest product:  a fully loaded D5 HD AJ-UDC3700A with the AJ-UDC3700A format conversion board installed for same day delivery anywhere in the USA or next day delivery worldwide.  Final Cut HD & SD edit systems, as well as AVID SD.  Decks includes D5, HDCAM, DVC-PRO HD, Digital-Beta, Beta, DVCPRO & DVCAM.  Call for a quote 312-863-3452 or visit our website