Issue: Week of April 11, 2003


LAS VEGAS - Face2Face Animation ( today announced that it has developed a facial animation plug-in for Apple QuickTime V.6.

Based on the Face2Face player, a real-time streaming MPEG-4 authoring technology, the plug-in enables QuickTime 6 developers and users to create and distribute high-quality, 30 frames per second facial characters with realistic lip-sync. The plug-in is available for download today at the Web site.

Face2Face animation will also extend its QuickTime plug-in support to its partnership with Kaydara, which markets the Kaydara FBX (tm) file interchange format, one of the most popular digital content interchange formats. Through FBX, which has been integrated with QuickTime, the player will enable animators to create high-quality, low-cost facial animations directly from digital video output or semi-automatically generate a face model from a single image of a face, along with perfect lip-sync.

Using the face2face MPEG-4 authoring tools, face models can be animated semi-automatically from regular digital video capture, and created from a single still image of a face.