Issue: Week of April 11, 2003


MIAMI - Napa's new auto parts campaign picks up where it left off last year, calling on the comedic talents of Napa Chevrolet NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip and his teammates Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Steve Park. Fahlgren Advertising in Columbus, OH, conceived the package, which includes the spots "Impression," "Dub" and "Hardly."

Impression is a follow up to last year's commercial in which Waltrip finds himself at the wrong track on race day. "I must be at the wrong track," mimics Earnhardt, upon Waltrip's revelation. "I didn't know I was so good looking," says Park, again poking fun at last year's commercial in which Waltrip comes face to face with himself. Dub also plays off of Waltrip's sense of humor. Footage of Park and Earnhardt are doctored in post production, where Waltrip's mouth and voiceover are added, praising Napa's auto parts. Waltrip is featured overseeing the post process, giving it his stamp of approval to the questionable revamps.

Tom Schiller of Coppos Films ( in Los Angeles directed the campaign, with Barbara Gold directing. The spots were edited at JefCo Creative Edit in Miami Beach by Jeff Sternberger. Manhattan Transfer/Miami provided Discreet Smoke and film transfer services with Mike Nonelle handling the final conform and compositing for the three spots. Colorist Patrick Desfayes used the Sony Vialta and Rascal for the color correction.

Andy Mendelson of Fluid in New York composed original tracks for the project and Steve Johnson of Outpost Audio handled sound design and mixing.