Issue: Week of April 18, 2003


VENICE - Editorial company Cutting Room has hired editor Curtis Schmidt, who brings experience in editing commercials, episodic television and music videos.

He was most recently an editor at Crush Editorial where he worked on such projects as Atari, including the international launch of the "Godzilla, King of all Monsters" videogame with spots airing on the Times Square Videotron, as well as Internet and TV; and commercial for the Unreal Championship videogame. Prior to Crush, Schmidt was a staff assistant at Graying and Balding where he worked on the Rolling Stones' "No Security Tour Live Concert," Matchbox 20 Australia Live Concert, a Savage Garden music video and a Snickers spot before going freelance.

He started his career as a runner at POP Sound where he first met Greg Everage, currently executive producer of Cutting Room. Schmidt then took a position at Nitro Films of the Bedford Falls family as an in-house editor.