Issue: Week of April 25, 2003


NEW YORK - Continuing to add to the size and depth of its telecine staff, Company 3 New York, an Ascent Media company, has hired colorist Roger H. Doran.

His recent credits include the HBO series' Sex and the City and The Wire. His background also includes music videos and commercials.

In his first assignment for Company 3, Doran has just wrapped up work on the first season of the new HBO dramatic series "The Wire." He has also colored on-air campaigns for HBO, Comedy Central and Oxygen. Doran had been freelancing for the past year after exiting a post with Post Perfect, New York, where he held a staff position for nine years. His credits there included the television series "Spin City," "Sex and the City" and "Now and Again." He also worked on a number of television miniseries, including "The Stand" and "The Langoliers."

Doran began his career as a video technician with EUE/ScreenGems, New York. He later joined TVC Video, New York, where he became a colorist. His work there included five seasons of National Geographic Explorer, which helped him to earn his reputation for long-form color correction.