Issue: Week of April 25, 2003


NEW ORLEANS - Turbo Squid announced DreamScape V.2.0 by Sitni Sati d.o.o. as the latest offering in the Discreet 3DS Max Plug-in program.

DreamScape V.2.0 is a integrated suite of modeling and animation tools for building complete environments including mountainous landscapes, realistic skies, and bodies of water.

New features in Dreamscape V.2.0 include:

New additions to the DreamScape Terra editor including zooming and panning, resizing, navigator window, selection tools, feather, terrain cropping, instant mesh preview inside viewport, Max script support for creating and modifying Terra, support for pressure-sensitive digitizing tablets and user defined undo/redo levels.

Terrain Map now includes a falloff parameter for smooth transitions between different regions defined by altitude and/or slope; with new algorithms, 3D clouds, and full sky/cloud anti-aliasing, your skies will look more realistic than ever before while giving you flicker-free animations. Up to 50% rendering time reduction (Sky and SeaSurface in the same scene) is now possible.

DreamScape Daemons makes it possible to write helper objects that can communicate with SeaSurface and perform various calculations using internal data. Dynamics Daemon performs numerous calculations to simulate object-water interactions. It can create realistic wakes that will reflect and refract foam from wakes or objects, and calculate buoyant and gravitational forces acting on an object. Using DreamScape Engine Space Warp it is possible to create self-propelled objects that will move smoothly across a SeaSurface. Foam Map and Bump Map now have separate map slots so you can use any other map in combination. Bump Map also includes a filtering option, which will remove any flickering that might occur due to the aliasing. New blurred reflection will allow creating even more realistic appearance of reflected objects.

DreamScape 2.0 has a suggested retail price of US $595, with an introductory specialof $495 for a limited time. DreamScape 2.0 is available from Turbo Squid at, from Discreet at or from authorized resellers.