Issue: Week of March 14, 2003


DALY CITY, CA - Digidesign is offering a special promotion for customers who order a Pro Tools|HD hardware exchange by March 31, 2003. In addition to the Pro Tools|HDpack Version 3.0 plug-in bundle (up to $3,900 value), Pro Tools|HD hardware exchange purchasers will receive an additional Digidesign plug-in (or set of plug-ins with Pro Tools|HD 3 hardware exchanges) at no charge.

Pro Tools|HD 1 and Pro Tools|HD 2 hardware exchanges will include SoundReplacer ($395). Pro Tools|HD 3 hardware exchanges will include D-Fi, Maxim and SoundReplacer, a combined retail value of over $1,200.

All Pro Tools|HD hardware exchanges now include Pro Tools 6 for Mac OS X. The offer ends on March 31st. Systems eligible for the Pro Tools|HD hardware exchange program include: Pro Tools|24 Mix, Pro Tools|24 Mixplus, Pro Tools|24 Mix3, Pro Tools|24, Pro Tools III NuBus, Pro Tools III PCI, Pro Tools Project, Session 8, Digi 001, Audiomedia III and Mbox systems.