Issue: Week of March 14, 2003


NEW YORK - Matthew Broderick was recently in at HSR Studios to record ADR for the upcoming MGM Pictures/Jim Henson Pictures feature Good Boy!. Broderick worked with HSR mixers Bill Higley and Fernando Ascani on the session.

Good Boy!, scheduled for an October 10th release, centers around 12-year-old Owen who is shocked to discover that he can now understand what his dog Hubble, and all other dogs are saying.

Hubble was sent from the dog star Sirius to research what was going on with the Earth's dog population. They were originally sent to colonize the planet, but instead decided to enjoy their new-found status as beloved, pampered "man's best friends."

In addition to Broderick, who voices Hubble, the live-action/CGI family adventure comedy stars Molly Shannon, Liam Aiken, Kevin Nealon, Donald Faison, Megan Mullally, Brittany Murphy and Carl Reiner.

Higley and Ascani completed the ADR session using Digidesign's Pro Tools DAW.