Issue: Week of March 21, 2003


SAN FRANCISCO - Showcasing the incredible savings offered at Mervyn's discount retail store is a humorous four-spot campaign via Venables, Bell & Partners edited by Bob Frisk of Phoenix Editorial ( The four 30-second spots - "Bumper Drag," "Claw Hands," "Spruce Up," and "Growth Spurt" - were co-directed by Joe Public of Headquarters and agency producer Craig Allen. In "Growth Spurt," a teenager's feet can't seem to stop growing. He is seen in class, running track and at a school dance, with shots that expose his extra long feet - digitally enhanced by Phoenix. In the closing scene, mother and son are at Mervyn's, asking the salesperson for sizes 311, 12 and 13. The title card, "Keep up with growth spurts. Stay within budget" closes the spot. All four spots end with the tagline, "Big brands, small prices."