Issue: Week of March 21, 2003


NEW YORK - Earlier this week, Post Logic Studios formally opened its new New York facility at 435 Hudson Street, extending its Hollywood post production operations to the East Coast.

The new location will focus on digital mastering through its Pandora Pogle color correction suite. It also offers audio layback, format conversion and restoration via three smaller suites featuring Digidesign, Soundmaster, Dolby, Snell & Wilcox, Sony, Panasonic and NVision gear. Room for a second color correction suite has already been allocated. Two feature films for well-known directors, have already been booked for Post Logic Studios NYC at time of the launch.

Colorist Allan Rogers has joined the facility to operate the new mastering suite. Rogers comes to Post Logic Studios NYC after spending 28 years at HBO, where he garnered mastering colorist credits on Gangs of New York, The Human Stain, Passage to India and Miss Evers' Boys.

Post Logic Studios is partnered in its New York venture with Outpost Digital, located just across the hall. The post house offers online and offline editorial, color correction, image processing and audio mixing/recording. Outpost is co-owned by and Lexington Commercial Holdings, also the parent company and sole owner of Post Logic Studios.