Issue: Week of March 7, 2003


NEWARK, NJ - IDT Media' s Digital Production Solutions (DPS) is revitalizing the children's animated series "Monster by Mistake" with new and improved episodes. The "Monster by Mistake" series, first broadcast in 1996, was created entirely with computer generated 3D graphics. The series follows the adventures of an eight-year-old boy named Warren who accidentally gets mixed up in a magic spell that turns him into a blue monster every time he sneezes.

DPS is using its own proprietary software on the show, along with a combination of Discreet 3DS Max and Side Effects Houdini software. The show will be broadcast on Disney Australia, Telemundo in the United States, Super RTL in Germany, Canada's YTV, and the French language VRAC in Canada.

"High-quality 3D animation is becoming more affordable and the need for animated products will continue to grow, both in the United States and abroad," says Jim Courter, IDT's CEO. "Viewers that watch "Monster by Mistake" will be impressed by the visual effects achieved through 3D animation. The lighting and textures of each character and the background effects in 3D truly make the story come alive."

DPS is also currently working on a co-production agreement with Jim Jinkins and David Campbell of Cartoon Pizza, the creators of "Doug," "Stanley" and "PB&J Otter."