Issue: Week of March 7, 2003


PLYMOUTH, MN - Sonic Studio, LLC, the joint venture between Sonic Solutions and Jorde/Wilson, LLC, has added James Andy Moorer to its advisory staff. SonicStudio HD, NoNoise and associated audio products are now developed and sold by Sonic Studio LLC. Dr. Moorer is the inventor of the NoNoise restoration system and co-founder of Sonic Solutions. As an advisor, he will help guide the Sonic Studio technical team's ongoing and future product development.

"This is obviously a tremendous boost for our company and our userbase,"says Jeff Wilson, CEO of Sonic Studio, LLC. "Andy's groundbreaking DSP research and development have launched entire industries while, most importantly for us, bringing audio production and mastering into the digital age. At Sonic Studio, LLC, one of our core principals is to continuously strive for audio quality and transparency. With Andy's input and assistance, we're in an even better position to deliver on that promise."